Bananian Linux

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00000821   Networkfeatureresolved (Nico)2015-01-08Wlan Support for Banana Pro
  00000832   Hardwarefeatureresolved (Nico)2015-01-08support BPI-R1 hardware
  00000841   Generalminorresolved (Nico)2015-01-08add hardware configuration to bananian-config
  00000601   Generalfeatureresolved (Nico)2015-01-08Include bin2fex and fex2bin
  00000851   Securitytweakresolved (Nico)2015-01-08Increase ServerKeyBits
  0000062    Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2015-01-08update Debian packages and clean up before release
  0000063    Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2015-01-08add 14.09.02 release to bananian-update
  00000871   Kernelfeatureresolved (Nico)2015-01-06Add "geoip" iptables module
  00000753   Securitymajorresolved (Nico)2015-01-06SSH key generation creates empty keys
  00000241   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2015-01-02ZRam/zswap
  00000231   Kernelfeatureresolved (Nico)2015-01-02add CAN BUS driver
  00000671   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2015-01-02Firmware for Ralink USB Wifi Stick not loaded
  00000772   Networkmajorresolved (Nico)2015-01-02Random MAC address is used when getting IP address from DHCP during the boot
  00000815   Generalmajorresolved (Nico)2015-01-02apt-get update cannot find libstdc++.son6
  00000781   Generalminorresolved (Nico)2014-12-20extra users
  0000048    Userlandtweakresolved (Nico)2014-12-10make zsh default for new users
  00000741   Websitetextresolved (Nico)2014-12-10The section 'Configuration details' of the page 'Details' needs an update.
  0000072    Hardwarefeatureresolved (Nico)2014-12-07wpa_supplicant is not installed by default
  00000681   Generalmajorresolved (Nico)2014-12-04disable OTG in default configuration
  00000617   Hardwarecrashresolved (Nico)2014-12-04Banana Pi will not power on after upgrade / clean flash to 14.09
  00000658   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2014-12-04Device does not boot
  00000701   Userlandtweakresolved (Nico)2014-12-03Wrong card number in asound.conf by default.
  00000221   Hardwareminorresolved (Nico)2014-12-03default audio should be HDMI
  00000662   (No Category)minorresolved (Nico)2014-11-25Can't change Keyboard Layout to DE
  00000491   Generalfeatureresolved (Nico)2014-11-19[RfE] Push people aggressivly to the FAQ
  000005611   Userlandfeatureresolved (Nico)2014-11-19Add two shell functions to read out thermal sensors inside the A20 SoC and the AXP209 PMU
  0000010    Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2014-11-19clean up before release
  00000131   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2014-11-13enable cpu temperature probe
  00000333   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2014-11-05Update Linux kernel to 3.4.104
  00000421   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2014-11-05Excessive VLAN logging
  00000511   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2014-11-05WiFi - setting regulatory domain
  00000531   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2014-11-05Add CONFIG_FHANDLE=y to standard BPI sun7i_defconfig
  000005011 Hardwarefeatureresolved (Nico)2014-11-05[RfE] Enable hardware watchdog
  00000521   Generalfeatureassigned (Nico)2014-11-04Use debian mirrors redirector in sources.list
  00000571   Generalminorresolved (Nico)2014-10-19can't SSH from Android
  000004311 Kernelblockresolved (Nico)2014-09-28System is unable to start / keeps rebooting
  000003951 Websiteminorresolved (Nico)2014-09-23[RfE] Documentation update to create SD card on OS X
  00000361   Generaltextresolved (Nico)2014-09-19Provide instructions how the image is built from source
  00000071   Generalfeatureresolved (Nico)2014-09-17automatic update routine
  00000311   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2014-09-14Use Debian firmware packages
  00000321   Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2014-09-14warn users not to use raspi-config
  00000171   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2014-09-12update kernel to the latest version
  00000281   Kernelfeatureresolved (Nico)2014-09-12BTRFS Support for Kernel (CONFIG_BTRFS_FS=m)
  0000018    Kernelfeatureresolved (Nico)2014-09-12CONFIG_USB_STORAGE=y in the kernel
  0000026    Networkminorresolved (Nico)2014-09-12host name resolution
  0000025    Generalfeatureresolved (Nico)2014-09-11initial release
  00000061   Userlandtweakresolved (Nico)2014-09-07rewrite bananian-config
  00000146   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2014-09-07USB OTG support
  00000194   Hardwaretweakresolved (Nico)2014-09-05Memory split
  00000154   Hardwareminorresolved (Nico)2014-09-05Bananian default CPU speed
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