Bananian Linux

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00001331   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2015-08-08enable CONFIG_BLK_DEV_THROTTLING in the kernel
  00001412   Userlandmajorresolved (Nico)2015-08-08Lost colors and command prompt in zsh shell after update
  0000122    Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2015-08-08zsh configuration
  0000142    Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2015-08-08Update Linux Kernel to 3.4.108
  00001298   Hardwaremajorresolved (Nico)2015-07-14Banana Pro Access Point only allows 5
  00000863   Generalfeatureresolved (Nico)2015-07-12shutdown using the power button?
  00000359   Kernelfeatureresolved (Nico)2015-07-12XFS support (CONFIG_XFS_FS=y)
  00001321   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2015-07-12Kerner error
  00001361   Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2015-07-12error handling in "soctemp"
  0000116    Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2015-07-12add 15.04 release to bananian-update
  0000115    Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2015-07-12update Debian packages and clean up before release
  00001281   Hardwarecrashassigned (Nico)2015-06-23hdparm -Y /dev/sda shuts down disk drive and removes /dev/sda
  000013121 Securitymajorresolved (Nico)2015-05-01SHA1 and SHA256 do not match the downloaded image
  00001302   Hardwarefeaturenew2015-05-01Orange Pi 2 / Mini support
  00000093   Generalfeatureassigned (Nico)2015-04-28SATA installer
  000012615   Generalfeaturenew2015-04-22Provide a way to inspect what hardware Bananian is running on
  00001251   Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2015-04-13.zshrc.local executed twice
  000010351 Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2015-04-08Missing headers for 3.4.x kernel
  00001211   Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2015-04-05set BANANIAN_PLATFORM variable in bananian-update
  00000801   Kerneltrivialresolved (Nico)2015-04-04The USB Client port only works as a HOST not OTG port
  00000694   (No Category)minorresolved (Nico)2015-04-04Keyboard layout change only working for xterm (SSH), not linux (TTY)
  00000541   Kernelfeatureresolved (Nico)2015-04-04CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_EGALAX=m
  00001193   Hardwareminorresolved (Nico)2015-04-04support Banana Pi M1+
  00001001   Generalminorresolved (Nico)2015-04-04ttyS4 und usbc0 overlapping in fex (Banana Pro)
  00000384   Generalminorresolved (Nico)2015-04-01Attempt to change keyboard layout through bananian-config on an headless installation fails silently
  00000454   Generalfeatureresolved (Nico)2015-03-09rsyslog: do not sync to the disk immediately
  0000090    Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2015-03-09add 15.01 release to bananian-update
  0000091    Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2015-03-09update Debian packages and clean up before release
  0000114    Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2015-03-09add the Bananian repository to sources.list
  00000345   Generalminorresolved (Nico)2015-03-09disable ext4 journaling
  00000581   Generaltweakresolved (Nico)2015-03-09Image doesn't fit on (every) 2GB SD card
  00000977   Generalminorresolved (Nico)2015-03-09Bananian-update throws ssl-error (wrong date/time)
  00001131   Hardwareminorresolved (Nico)2015-03-09add support for Orange Pi
  00000983   Hardwaremajorresolved (Nico)2015-03-07BPi-R1: Power on SATA not sufficient for HDD
  00001111   Kernelmajorresolved (Nico)2015-03-07ft5x_ts: Touchscreen does not work reliable (i2c)
  00001121   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2015-03-05merge LeMaker kernel sources
  00001091   Kernelmajorresolved (Nico)2015-03-05ft5x_ts Touchtreiber funktioniert nicht: Änderung in ft5x_ts.c nötig
  00001101   Generalmajorresolved (Nico)2015-02-27Need urgently to reduce SD Card img file it takes much tooooo long for backups
  00001071   Generalminorresolved (Nico)2015-02-27Cant rotate display..
  00000161   Generalminorresolved (Nico)2015-02-21reduce the image size < 2 GB
  00000991   Generalfeatureresolved (Nico)2015-02-01SATA PMP Support
  000010411 Userlandmajorresolved (Nico)2015-02-01gcc doesn't find the files, and It doesn't work.
  0000105    Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2015-02-01No Keyboard Setup in bananian-config
  0000102    Hardwareminorresolved (Nico)2015-01-21Enable SATA power on BPi-R1
  00000962   (No Category)minorresolved (Nico)2015-01-13bananapro hardware selected but wlan hardware not recognized
  00000951   (No Category)minorresolved (Nico)2015-01-11Reconfiguring the keyboard offers no choices
  00000893   Generalcrashresolved (Nico)2015-01-11apt-get causes a system crash
  00000883   Generalblockresolved (Nico)2015-01-11Kernel don't boot.
  00000472   Networkfeatureresolved (Nico)2015-01-10some packages for WLAN missing
  0000044    Userlandtweakresolved (Nico)2015-01-10install usbutils by default
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