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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000018121 Kernelfeatureresolved (Nico)2016-10-24bananian Kernel compilation for TC/QoS
  00002152   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2016-07-13Add traffic control support
  00002171   Kernelmajorresolved (Nico)2016-07-07Kernel 4.4.10: Sata not working on Banana Pro
  00001886   Networkmajorresolved (Nico)2016-06-20Can't connect through ssh
  00001861   (No Category)crashresolved (Nico)2016-05-14Keeps rebooted once USB drive is attached
  00002093   Generalminorresolved (Nico)2016-04-30Samba and Kernel 3.4.x issue with Bananian 16.4
  00002052   Networkminorresolved (Nico)2016-04-26SFTP over SSH off
  00001951   Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2016-04-15add 16.04 release to bananian-update
  00001972   Kernelfeatureresolved (Nico)2016-04-15provide Linux 4.4.x packages
  00002013   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2016-04-15Only one CPU core available (Kernel 3.4.108)
  00001242   Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2016-04-03package bananian-update as a .deb file
  00001961   Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2016-04-03update Debian packages and clean up before release
  000001211   Generalfeatureresolved (Nico)2016-04-02Kernel Update Script and other stuff as an apt repository
  00002001   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-30enable audio on Linux 4.x
  00001981   Hardwareminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-25bananian-hardware does not work on Linux 4.x
  00001991   Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-25Introduce "bananian-settings" to replace all entries in /etc/rc.local
  00001521   Kernelfeatureresolved (Nico)2016-03-25Switch between kernel 3.x and 4.x
  00001822   Networkminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-25WIFI driver ap6210 not found under Kernel 4.3
  00001943   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-25Update Kernel 3.4.x
  00001671   Kernelfeatureresolved (Nico)2016-03-25provide Linux 4.2 packages
  0000134    Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-25update Debian packages and clean up before release
  0000135    Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-25add 15.08 release to bananian-update
  00000559   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-25Division by zero in kernel. (3.4.90+)
  00001931   Hardwarecrashresolved (Nico)2016-03-20wifi hardware dies under load
   00001851   Generalfeatureresolved (Nico)2016-03-20Merge with Armbian
  0000101    Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-20ftdi usb to serial adapter stops working after some time
  00000922   Networkmajorresolved (Nico)2016-03-20lan port speed issue in banana pi router board
  00001692   Networkmajorresolved (Nico)2016-03-20VLAN assignment to switch ports broken
  00001832   Hardwaretrivialresolved (Nico)2016-03-20update FAQ, pmutemp and soctemp related to Kernel 4.x (original title: disable green LED)
  00001661   Generalminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-20Update U-Boot
  00001764   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-19Removing 4.2 kernel packages result in unbootable system
  00001571   Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-19rsyslog spams logs many "rsyslogd-2007: action 'action 17' suspended" messages
  00001842   Kernelmajorresolved (Nico)2016-03-19HDMI output turns off on inactivity
  00001753   Kernelfeatureresolved (Nico)2016-03-19Support for 8 channels hdmi
  00001391   Kernelfeatureresolved (Nico)2015-12-25Add rtc modules
  00001082   Kernelfeatureresolved (Nico)2015-12-25Kernel module rtc-ds1307 for the extremely accurate DS3231 RTC chip is missing
  00001809   Securityminorresolved (Nico)2015-12-23Allwinner Security System is not loaded under Kernel 4.3
  00001794   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2015-12-22Only one CPU is loaded on Kernel 4.3
  00001781   Generalminorresolved (Nico)2015-12-21Rebooting fails with u-boot-bananian 15.08.02
  00001592   Websiteminorresolved (Nico)2015-12-20provide a RSS feed for the news page
  00001681   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2015-12-20kernel 4.1.5 and 4.2: evdev debug module "evbug" loaded by default
  00001723   Kernelmajorresolved (Nico)2015-12-20Kernel 4.x is missing USB network driver modules
  00001771   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2015-12-20b53 driver missing in Kernel 4.x
  00000468   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2015-12-20Allwinner Security System Cryptographic Accelerator
  00001703   Networkmajorresolved (Nico)2015-12-20dhcp on eth0 not working
  00001531   Websiteminorresolved (Nico)2015-09-11Mobile Version
  00001641   Kernelfeatureresolved (Nico)2015-09-11Support for blktrace (Kernel 4.1.5)
  00001622   Kernelfeatureresolved (Nico)2015-09-11Support for iotop (Kernel 4.1.5)
  00001552   Kernelfeatureresolved (Nico)2015-09-11Docker support
  00001633   Kernelmajorresolved (Nico)2015-09-05Only one CPU core available (Kernel 4.1.5)
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