Bananian Linux

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  00001951   Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2016-04-15add 16.04 release to bananian-update
  00001972   Kernelfeatureresolved (Nico)2016-04-15provide Linux 4.4.x packages
  00001242   Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2016-04-03package bananian-update as a .deb file
  00001961   Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2016-04-03update Debian packages and clean up before release
  000001211   Generalfeatureresolved (Nico)2016-04-02Kernel Update Script and other stuff as an apt repository
  00002001   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-30enable audio on Linux 4.x
  00001981   Hardwareminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-25bananian-hardware does not work on Linux 4.x
  00001991   Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-25Introduce "bananian-settings" to replace all entries in /etc/rc.local
  00001521   Kernelfeatureresolved (Nico)2016-03-25Switch between kernel 3.x and 4.x
  00001822   Networkminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-25WIFI driver ap6210 not found under Kernel 4.3
  00001943   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-25Update Kernel 3.4.x
  00000559   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-25Division by zero in kernel. (3.4.90+)
  00001832   Hardwaretrivialresolved (Nico)2016-03-20update FAQ, pmutemp and soctemp related to Kernel 4.x (original title: disable green LED)
  00001661   Generalminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-20Update U-Boot
  00001764   Kernelminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-19Removing 4.2 kernel packages result in unbootable system
  00001571   Userlandminorresolved (Nico)2016-03-19rsyslog spams logs many "rsyslogd-2007: action 'action 17' suspended" messages
  00001842   Kernelmajorresolved (Nico)2016-03-19HDMI output turns off on inactivity
  00001753   Kernelfeatureresolved (Nico)2016-03-19Support for 8 channels hdmi


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