Bananian Linux

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  0000230    Generaltweaknew2017-01-09Report 0000068: did disable OTG as default, but no documentation available how to get it enabled again
  00002291   Generalminornew2017-01-03Missing libpam-systemd (required by policykit-1)
  0000228    Kernelminornew2016-12-30Mainline kernel 4.4.34 ax209 values
  0000227    Hardwarefeaturenew2016-12-27Lost Support for /dev/cedar_dev
  00002262   Kernelcrashnew2016-11-23gpio seems to be broken on banana pi
  0000224    Kernelfeaturenew2016-10-06bananian Kernel compilation for TC/QoS - imq
  00002222   Kernelfeaturenew2016-09-15No analog sound for BananaPi M2
  0000223    (No Category)featurenew2016-08-27Include grsecurity patches?
  00002212   Generalminornew2016-08-20shutdown don't work
  0000220    Generalminornew2016-07-26Installation of package firmware-linux-free not possible
  0000219    Kernelfeaturenew2016-07-17Provide kernel source packages in the bananian repository
  0000214    Kernelminornew2016-06-20Add TOMOYO Linux support
  0000213    Kernelminornew2016-06-06Banana Pi M2 Image should enable input events for acpid to get the power switch working
  00002041   Userlandminornew2016-04-26bananian-config useful scripts
  00002031   Networkmajornew2016-04-25WiFi range on BPI-R1 Extremely limited (less than 5 metres)
  00001902   Generalminornew2016-02-24modules for wireless usb adapters (zd1211rw) and usb 3g modems are missing
  0000187    Generalmajornew2016-02-08Disable serial console option in bananian-config
  0000173    Kernelmajornew2015-10-12ttyS2 not working
  0000171    Generalfeaturenew2015-10-06Improve handling / packaging of upgrade scipts and additions
  0000165    Kerneltweaknew2015-09-02Modulize sunxi-CODEC
  00001302   Hardwarefeaturenew2015-05-01Orange Pi 2 / Mini support
  000012615   Generalfeaturenew2015-04-22Provide a way to inspect what hardware Bananian is running on


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