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0000073Bananian Linux[All Projects] Generalpublic2014-12-07 09:402016-03-25 09:32
Assigned ToNico 
Product Version14.11 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000073: bananian uses zsh shell. New users get bash shell
DescriptionUpon creating a new user,the default shell will be bash.
That can be changed of course with chsh.
However, if bananian defaults to zsh  it would be better IMHO to add zsh as a default to /etc/adduser.conf.

# The DSHELL variable specifies the default login shell on your
# system.

should be changed to
# The DSHELL variable specifies the default login shell on your
# system.
Steps To Reproduceuse the useradd <some user> command
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has duplicate 0000048resolvedNico make zsh default for new users 
related to 0000122resolvedNico zsh configuration 

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hvdwolf (reporter)
2014-12-07 09:48
edited on: 2014-12-09 11:32

Sorry. Did not pay attention to be able to log issues anonymous.
Just registered as user hvdwolf

Edit 2014-12-9: This also requires that files .zshrc and probably .zcompdump are
copied from /root to /etc/skel to make it possible to simply populate a users folder.

Also add the following 2 lines to /etc/login.defs:
# Create users home directory

In /etc/default/useradd:
Change "SHELL=/bin/sh"  to "SHELL=/bin/zsh"
Change "#HOME=/home" to "HOME=/home" to enable this setting

hvdwolf (reporter)
2014-12-14 09:03

Additional request:

Please add to the /etc/skel/.profile file the following lines:

# set PATH so it includes user's private bin if it exists
if [ -d "$HOME/bin" ] ; then

It makes it possible to run scripts (shell, python) or compiled programs
without interfering with the system setup or even breaking the packaging system.

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