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0000059Bananian Linux[All Projects] Kernelpublic2014-10-27 19:282015-12-22 10:08
Assigned ToNico 
Product Version14.09 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000059: VLAN packet loss
DescriptionI'm using tvheadend in a VLAN trunking setup. I keep getting "continuity counter errors", meaning tvheadend is missing pieces of the stream. This is not a performance issue: I tried tuning the tcp-ip buffers and even assigning eth0 to its own cpu. No difference. I know the sunxi kernel code logs every VLAN frame. But I've removed that line from gmac_desc.c. The only way I can make the problem go away is by disabling VLAN. After that, no more conitinuity counter errors. Therefore I suspect something is wrong with the network stack and that it's actually losing packets when in VLAN mode.

BTW, there may be a bigger problem with the network code, because I've also seen tvheadend lose the entire stream: "no transponder availiable for subscription". No apparent reason. I've seen this both with and without VLAN. But I've only seen this on 2 occassions and am not able to reproduce it.
Steps To ReproduceVconfig:
add to eth0:
eth0.1 with vlan-id 1
eth0.2 with vlan id-2

Configure IPTV streams
Add an entry to the recorder

Wait for "continuity counter error". Sometimes it happens immediately, sometimes it takes some time. To speed things up:

run iperf (for "best" results use banana pi as the server, i.e. iperf -s)
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jekader (reporter)
2015-04-10 15:28

Is this still an issue? If yes than:
* What's the hardware used?
* Can you reproduce it with plain iperf when playing with different MTU value?
* What's between your clients and the server? Are they connected directly to the bpi?
* are there any drops listed in "ethtool -S eth0" output?

Just want to avoid situations when it's MTU fault due to increased frame size thanks to the VLAN header.
machello (reporter)
2015-04-10 20:19

It's not an issue anymore because I bought a USB ethernet adapter: ASIX AX88772. And for extra fault tolerance I increaded the rmem_max and rmem_default buffer sizes. After that, no more packets dropped and hence no more continiutiy counter errors. Of course this means the issue with the internal ethernet driver of the Banana Pi is still there.
Nico (manager)
2015-12-22 10:08

Could you please check if the problem also exists with the latest mainline kernel?

To install Kernel 4.3.3:
apt-get install linux-image-4.3.3-bananian

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