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0000098: BPi-R1: Power on SATA not sufficient for HDD
Some people (including me) tried to use a normal HDD on the BPi-R1 and failed. After some testing and discussion we found out: The "on board mounted" SATA connecter (BPi-R1) does not provide enough power.

At first this sounds like a hardware bug, but what some guy found out (detail at [^]):

The power supply for the onboard SATA connector is controlled over one pin of the A20. And this pin is set to "input-mode" after booting bananian.

The script.bin (or better script.fex) contains some parameters for SATA-configuration and there is indeed an option "sata_power_en" which might control the power supply for the SATA-port.

In the normal bananian "script.bin/fex" this option is empty. The sunxi-wiki (see [^]) sets this option to sata_power_en = port:PB08<1><default><default><0>, but this does not work on BPi-R1.

This problem might affect other distros too.

So two questions:
1) Do you (anybody) know to what value is options has to be set?
2) Can this be integrated into the default bananian image?
* Connect HDD (not SSD) to the BPi-R1
* Turn on (and boot bananian)
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Very interesting!

If course this will be integrated into Bananian if someone figures out what the correct settings are.
2015-01-20 19:36   
Thanks a lot to the guys in the! They found the right solution.

In the script.fex-file just change
sata_used = 1
sata_power_en =

sata_used = 1
sata_power_en = port:PB03<1><default><default><0>

and SATA-power works as expected.

Little howto for those who want to try right now can be found in the forum: [^]

Please comment if anybody still has problems after this change.

I don't know if this is also important for other banana pi boards?
2015-03-05 14:02 [^]