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0000087: Add "geoip" iptables module
geoip iptables match module is "an extension to iptables/netfilter that allows you to filter, nat or mangle packets based on the country's destination or provenance" [^]
root@banane:~# uname -a
Linux banane 3.4.104+ #3 SMP PREEMPT Wed Nov 19 08:28:34 CET 2014 armv7l GNU/Linux

root@banane:~# modprobe xt_geoip
FATAL: Module xt_geoip not found.
People that run e.g. owncloud on their BPi, and make that instance available from the Internet, might want to limit access to a single country.
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2015-01-06 09:39   
We decided not to include these modules. We would have to patch our kernel and provide the database as well.
There are other ways to restrict access to your owncloud.
Please compile your own kernel if you really need it.