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0000085: Increase ServerKeyBits
The only think that strikes me is that the ServerKeyBits are still set to the old default of
 ServerKeyBits 768 (/etc/sshd_config).
 For ssh hardening it would be better to set it to 1024 (or perhaps even to 2048) and regenerate
 the serverkeys.
 For most "home installations" this is not a problem, but mine is exposed to the outside world (but
 maybe I'm overconcerned)
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related to 0000075resolved Nico SSH key generation creates empty keys 
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From man 5 sshd_config:
             Defines the number of bits in the ephemeral protocol version 1 server key. The minimum value is 512, and the default is 1024.

It is for version 1 of the protocol, which is disabled in the configuration. So changing the ServerKeyBits is completely meaningless.