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0000075Bananian Linux[All Projects] Securitypublic2014-12-12 01:422015-01-06 09:28
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0000075: SSH key generation creates empty keys
In headless setup/startup of current image emtpy SSH host keys are generated. 
This in effect prevents ssh to the headless device. SD card must be mounted in
PC and zero size keys deleted.
download current SD image and start in BananaPi + attempt SSH
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related to 0000085resolved Nico Increase ServerKeyBits 
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2014-12-13 08:57   
Is anyone able to reproduce this issue?
2014-12-16 18:37   
I have been playing with the image for the past 1½ week and installed it 3 times and always headless.
Always the keys were generated correctly and also when I generate (user) keys to be able to connect to other systems or create a pub key to connect to the bananapi.

The only think that strikes me is that the ServerKeyBits are still set to the old default of
ServerKeyBits 768  (/etc/sshd_config).
For ssh hardening it would be better to set it to 1024 (or perhaps even to 2048) and regenerate
the serverkeys.
For most "home installations" this is not a problem, but mine is exposed to the outside world (but
maybe I'm overconcerned)
2015-01-02 14:14   
I can't reproduce the problem. Maybe you interrupted power supply while initial key generation?

Thanks for the remark hvdwolf. I will create a separate ticket for this.