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Thomas Kaiser 
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0000039: [RfE] Documentation update to create SD card on OS X
Attached the necessary steps (hopefully using valid DokuWiki syntax) for [^]
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txt Bananian_Documentation_Update.txt (709) 2014-09-22 18:12
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2014-09-22 19:03   
Thank you for submitting!
I've added these steps to our download page.
Thomas Kaiser   
2014-09-22 21:24   
Unfortunately the code blocks seem to break the ordered list. According to [^] replacing the linebreaks with a space before '<code>' should fix this. And it would be also good to add the warning regarding identifying the right disk device since many OS X users aren't that familiar with CLI stuff.
2014-09-22 21:31   
The warning was already there, placed under installation because you have to take care, regardless which OS you are using.

I've fixed the code blocks.
Thomas Kaiser   
2014-09-23 15:57   
Sorry, me again :-\ I had a little typo in. When utilizing dd the block size has to be specified with lowercase letters on OS X. So it should read "bs=1m" instead...

BTW: Kudos! Great work so far! Everything worked flawlessly up until now. One potential minor issue for inexperienced users though: While expanding the root fs with bananian-config it might be better read 'Expanding root file system... (ignore the warnings and reboot immediately)" instead of "Expanding root file system... (restart required)" 
2014-09-23 16:10   
fixed the typo and changed the text in bananian-config (for our next version)