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0000226Bananian Linux[All Projects] Kernelpublic2016-10-27 03:002016-11-23 06:45
0000226: gpio seems to be broken on banana pi
on my banana pi i have the strange problem that gpio is broken after updating the kernel to 4.4.26
on fbtft i get this output
[ 189.505982] fb_ili9340 spi0.0: fbtft_request_gpios: gpio_request_one('reset'=27) failed with -517
so i tried to confirm that with wiringPi and there i get some strange results
root@bananapi:~# gpio export 17 out
gpio: Warning: File not present: /sys/class/gpio/gpio17/edge

so it seems that the gpio support on the 4.4.26 is broken, on the 3.4.112 kernel everything is working as expected
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2016-10-27 03:12   
sry forgot one console output in my report
root@bananapi:~# gpio edge 17 out
gpio: Unable to open GPIO edge interface for pin 17: Permission denied
2016-11-23 06:45   
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