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0000222Bananian Linux[All Projects] Kernelpublic2016-08-26 16:292016-09-15 09:49
0000222: No analog sound for BananaPi M2
No module available for the 4.4 line kernels that enable sound output over the analog 3.5mm jack.
modprobe snd-soc-core
cat /proc/asound/cards gives:
--- no soundcards ---
Headless server without keyboard, but that should have no impact.
Testet on 4.4.10. and 4.4.14
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2016-09-12 22:19   
Not sure if that also applies to the M2, but in [^] Allwinner A10 support (so I guess this is at least relevant for A20 based boards) went in to 4.8 mainline.
2016-09-15 09:49   
Probably doesn't help. M2 has a A31 CPU. Allegedly there is somwhere a module written for an older kernel, but I did not manage to find it. Looks like the B-PI M2 is somethjing one should avoid.