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0000213Bananian Linux[All Projects] Kernelpublic2016-06-06 15:002016-06-06 15:00
0000213: Banana Pi M2 Image should enable input events for acpid to get the power switch working
Log message from acpid

# acpid -d
Deprecated /proc/acpi/event was not found. Trying netlink and the input layer...
acpid: cannot open input layer
inotify fd: 4
acpid: inotify_add_watch() failed: No such file or directory (2)
RTNETLINK1 answers: No such file or directory
acpid: error talking to the kernel via netlink
netlink opened successfully
acpid: starting up with netlink and the input layer
parsing conf file /etc/acpi/events/button_power
acpid: 1 rule loaded
acpid: waiting for events: event logging is off
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