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0000209: Samba and Kernel 3.4.x issue with Bananian 16.4
Since one week I use Bananian 16.4. Previously, I used version 15.4 with Debian 7.

Samba with Debian 7 (Linux Kernel 3.4) works perfectly. But since using Bananian 16.4 (Debian 8 and Kernel 3.4) I have problems to connect to the shares from a Windows client.

In the log files of Samba I found, that Samba have problems to connect to the ports:
 open_socket_in(): setsockopt: SO_REUSEPORT = true on port 137 failed with error = Protocol not available
open_socket_in(): setsockopt: SO_REUSEPORT = true on port 445 failed with error = Protocol not available

I found that SO_REUSEPORT is supported the first time in Kernel 3.9. So I installed the Mainline Kernel 4.x and now Samba works again without problems. The error messages disappears.

Is it possible to upgrade to Kernel 3.16 as did Debian? Because I missing the sunxi-ir module in 4.x... :-)
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2016-04-29 13:13   
Okay, I was wrong. It seems that the Samba server has yet another problem, because it still takes several seconds until I can log on to the server.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
2016-04-30 10:09   
So I can close this bug report?
2016-04-30 10:52   
Yes, please.