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0000206: SATA HDD not being detected up on Banana Pro - workaround available, see comments!
After Update from 15.08 with kernel 4.3.3 to 16.04 the hdd connected via sata is not being detected and doesn't show up under /dev/.
Before the update die hdd worked fine. It still spins up but doesn't show up.
From what I read on that site it could be an issue with uboot: [^]
16.04, hdd, pro, sata, u-boot, uboot
has duplicate 0000217resolved Nico Kernel 4.4.10: Sata not working on Banana Pro 
related to 0000218assigned Nico Use Linux 4.x as the default kernel 
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2016-04-26 14:23   
Please install the package "u-boot-pro-bananian":
aptitude install u-boot-pro-bananian

and reboot
2016-04-26 14:31   
Thank you, this solved the issue!
2016-07-14 14:28   
This needs to be documented before the next release, which will use 4.x as the default kernel.
2016-09-30 18:59   
Hey. I have the same problem with my banana pro. 16.04 with kernel 3.4.111 is fine, but after updating to kernel 4.4.7, fdisk doesn't show my hdd on the sata port. Even with the u-boot-pro-bananian patched, I got no success. Could you please help me?