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0000204: bananian-config useful scripts
the bananian-config is great for starting a new project but the options are limited.

Some new options could be make available so users could have options like:
- set up the new kernel or keep the old
- set up the "raspbian-esque"
- set up the wi-fi (on the boards that supports it) as a AP or as a client
- set up a static ip and a alternative dhcp one.
- set up and install compiling stuff (make, kernel headers, etc)
- set up a CIFS/SAMBA shares and as client
- set up a easy server for admin, like webmin, OMS, openNAS or simillar

Could this be installed via the repositorie on aptitude as a task?
or could be an alternative like tasksel?
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2016-04-26 14:49 [^]

 It has the sources to armbian scripts, in which possesses scripts that could be forked and worked on.