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0000193Bananian Linux[All Projects] Hardwarepublic2016-03-12 16:172016-03-20 22:31
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Kernel 4.2 
0000193: wifi hardware dies under load
Upgraded from 3.4 -> 4.2 which changed me to brcmfmac for internal wifi.
Wifi was (mostly) stable before.
Now I can't keep it up for > 10min with minimal traffic as client or AP.

Fails with:
[ 109.336188] sunxi-mmc 1c12000.mmc: smc 1 err, cmd 53, RD DTO !!
[ 109.342442] sunxi-mmc 1c12000.mmc: data error, sending stop command

Similar to: [^]

From the link:
"Yes this is a known problem with broadcom sdio wifi on sunxi devices and
upstream kernels. Arend van Spriel from broadcom is looking into this."

Use 4.2
Attach to AP

So far there is no progress i have been able to find.

Trying to remove the .ko looks like it crashes the kernel but it is really just hanging for a short time. After which reloading module does not fix anything. The hardware can not be reset or reinited.

One user said he booted 3.4 then booted 4.2 and this solved his issues. Might be that some register is not getting inited properly.
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Sorry, but this has to be fixed upstream. Please use Linux 3.4.x if you require stable wifi.