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0000182Bananian Linux[All Projects] Networkpublic2015-12-22 12:072016-03-25 10:07
Kernel 4.3 
0000182: WIFI driver ap6210 not found under Kernel 4.3
Cannot load ap6210 driver either by modprobe ap6210 or add 'ap6210' to /etc/modules.

Hardware: BPI M1+
modprobe ap6210


add 'ap6210' to /etc/modules
1 root@bananapi ~ # uname -r :(
root@bananapi ~ # dpkg -l | grep u-boot
ii u-boot-bananian 15.08.03 armhf Uboot loader for Bananian Linux
root@bananapi ~ # modprobe ap6210
modprobe: FATAL: Module ap6210 not found.
1 root@bananapi ~ #
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related to 0000198resolved Nico bananian-hardware does not work on Linux 4.x 
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2015-12-25 11:24   
In Linux 4.x you have to use 'brcmfmac' and replace the default u-boot (which is for Banana Pi without Wifi).
All these changes will be integrated in our next major release.

For the meantime you can use the following workaround:
aptitude update
aptitude purge u-boot-bananian
aptitude install u-boot-pro-bananian

This will remove the default u-boot and install u-boot for Banana Pro, which should also work for M1+.

Please note: Our u-boot package contains a firmware file not related to u-boot as a workaround because it is missing in our kernel package.
2016-03-25 10:07   
FAQ updated. See [^]

For hardware selection for kernel 4.x has been moved into a new issue: [^]