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0000172Bananian Linux[All Projects] Kernelpublic2015-10-06 01:072015-12-20 23:06
Kernel 4.2 
Kernel 4.3Kernel 4.3 
0000172: Kernel 4.x is missing USB network driver modules
In my case the asix driver is missing for a second usb network interface.

In general there are currently no modules compiled/provider in kernel/drivers/net
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err, ... compiled/provided in kernel/drivers/net/usb
2015-10-06 01:15   
BTW, does anyone have a link to a resource describing how to patch / cross-compile mainline kernel 4.x?
2015-10-06 08:31   
In my case some media modules are missing (DVB). I think all 4.x kernel images are affected.

It seems that a lot of modules are missing:

root@bananapi ..odules/3.4.108-bananian/kernel/drivers # ls
block char gpu hid i2c md mfd mmc net pps regulator spi staging tty usb watchdog bluetooth cpufreq gsensor hwmon input media misc mtd parport ptp scsi ssb target uio video

root@bananapi ..odules/4.1.5-bananian/kernel/drivers # ls
bcma block bluetooth cdrom char cpufreq extcon gpio hid hwmon input leds md mfd misc net power regulator rtc scsi ssb staging tty usb video w1