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0000171Bananian Linux[All Projects] Generalpublic2015-10-06 00:102015-10-06 00:10
0000171: Improve handling / packaging of upgrade scipts and additions
So I finally "upgraded" my own Debian testing/sid to bananian.

It wasn't straightforward, cause I didn't find a documentation about that so I had to scrape all necessary infos from the various scipts. Well, wasn't that hard either.

What still could be improved to make it easier for ppl like me who want to maintain their own vanilla debian but still would like to use the tools and kernel:

1. package the remaining things that are not already in a deb (scipts in /usr/local)

2. also package the upgrade itself, so then you would simply have to apt-get install bananian-upgrade and call bananian-upgrade which then ask you if you would like to install bananian-local-additions-16.whatever and uninstall bananian-local-additions-15.whatever

3. make the ssh config changes optional, please DONT ever fiddle with those things without asking. I'd rather like to trust the ssh package maintainer doing the right thing

4. make the upgrade script accept stretch/sid as Debian version (same behaviour as with jessie, should simply look for sid, as stretch will change to whatever is next)

The goal should be that you could do the following in the future:

format SD-Card
debootstrap Debian on second partition
dd uboot & copy kernel on first partition (which you would simply steal from the debs, or maybe it could be a seperate download on the download page)
add gpg key manually and bananian sources.list
boot, install the debs from bananian repo and then basically have an upgradeable bananian version but without any modifications (like ssh keys, default users and so on)
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