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0000130Bananian Linux[All Projects] Hardwarepublic2015-04-30 05:142015-05-01 00:20
0000130: Orange Pi 2 / Mini support
I have just recieved the Orange Pi 2 and Orange Pi 2 mini. I would love to see Bananian support for these boards. [^] [^]
Never works.
I am willing to help with testing the hardware on the physical boards for development. 
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2015-04-30 08:25   
"Currently, there is no sunxi support available yet. No livesuite tool has been made available either." [^]

I've also received one of those devices but due to lack of sunxi support we are currently not able to support the platform.
2015-05-01 00:20   
Hmm, hopefully there is support added soon. I haven't been able to do anything with these boards yet haha. 

- Dan