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0000124Bananian Linux[All Projects] Userlandpublic2015-04-10 01:462016-04-03 09:23
0000124: package bananian-update as a .deb file
As a repo was added to 15.04 it is a good idea to move all packages to it and avoid any manually built and unmanaged files

This issue is created to track packaging and including bananian-update
# which bananian-update
#  dpkg -S /usr/local/bin/bananian-update
dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /usr/local/bin/bananian-update
I think some thought must be given to the whole update process. Running shell scripts off the internet is not the best option in my opinion, especially when such tools as APT are available.
Ideally it should be possible to update with plain APT. bananian-update can be left for novice users.
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2015-04-10 14:18   
That is exactly the plan with the repository. See related tickets for more information.
2015-04-10 15:12   
Good to hear that it's part of the plan. I think having a bug open for each individual package is useful to visualize the scope and progress better.

With bananian-update I think it would be best to leave it for user space modifications (config files, etc) and move all actual package updates to be handled by apt.